China Financial Summit
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Confirmed Speakers

Zhu Guangyao
Vice Minister of the Ministry of Finance

Robert Edward Rubin
The chairman of the United States Committee on foreign relations, the former Treasury Secretary

Jarji Matoch
Governor of the Hungarian Central Bank

Karina Karivanova
Chairman of the Bulgarian Financial Regulatory Commission

Li FuAn
Chairman of the Bank of Bohai

Di Gang
Deputy director of the digital money Institute of the people's Bank of China


Cao Yuanzheng
Chairman of China Silver International Research Corporation

Wang Yongli
Vice chairman of China International Futures Limited

Yang Xiaojun
Nine rich group president

Hua Ercheng
Chief economist of the contractor bank

Lian Ping
Chief economist at the Bank of Communications

Yao Yang
Director of the National Development Research Institute of Peking University
director of the China Center for Economic Research


Xu Jianping
President of Soochow life

Lv Zhongtao
General manager of the ICBC Information Technology Department

Dou Yunhong
General manager of Electronic Banking Department of Huaxia Bank general bank

Wang Jialin
Vice president and Secretary General of China Association of Finance and leasing enterprises

Pan Xiangdong
New era securities vice president, chief economist

Zhang Ming
The chief economist of Ping An Securities, research fellow of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Ren Zeping
Chief economist of Hengda Group and Dean of the Institute of Economic Research of Hengda

Zhang Yunfeng
General manager of Shanghai equity trusteeship center and Secretary of the Party committee

Zhou Kunping
Deputy general manager of the banking financial research center of the Bank of Communications

Chen Wei
Gome finance president

Fei Fangyu
Director of China Inclusive Finance Innovation Center, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Wang Wenhui
Its chairman and general manager of wealth


Zhou Songbo
EasiRemit Kechuang Group Limited company chairman

Qiao Zhijie
President of Yongan letter holding company

Chen Wei
Co founder of reputation technologyӢCOO

Qin Yi
DDT Asia Pacific Investment management industry leader partner

Wei Kai
R3 general manager of the Asia Pacific Region

Chen Dawei
Chairman of Hangzhou agate Bay Technology Co., Ltd
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